Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the NIMS, based in the culturally diverse and intellectually stimulating by comprehensively preparing students to be globally successful professionals as well as leaders in their chosen fields of study

Our Vission

The ’s strategic goals discourse three areas that render the Institution’s mission into specific strategies, programs and initiatives. We desire to enhance the NIMS’s standing and prestige among internal and external patrons through recognition, accreditation and rankings.

Education Vision

The NIMS offers distinctive, specialised theoretical and applied programs with relevant in-class and out-of-class learning experiences that emphasise excellence in: academic rigor, learning outcomes, as well as teaching delivery and content to prepare global information systems and business leaders.

Specific educational Vision

Comprehensively design, develop, and deliver groundbreaking, future-oriented, customised educational programs that advance participants’ careers by contributing to their:

  • General intellectual and personal growth.
  • Specific knowledge and skills directly related to their respective chosen career paths enabling them to participate as full business and community leaders and trailblazers in US, India and global marketplaces.

Provide exceptional support services for students in the areas of: academic guidance, administrative services, and co-curricular activities.

Intellectual Contribution Vision

The NIMS will engage in impactful academic research in functional Business and IT areas thereby contributing to the measurable improvement of performance and management of organisations. Additionally, NIMS researchers will nurture the formation and development of collaborative research that contributes to multidisciplinary knowledge, as well as establish and sustain relationships with outside organisations in order to create innovative research opportunities.

Service & Outreach Vision

The administrators, faculty, staff and students of the NIMS will engage as citizen-leaders in the communities we are individually and collectively part of. To this desirable end, the NIMS will continually develop, maintain and enhance short, medium and long-term partnerships with a wide range of external academic, vocational and industry-related organisational entities. This will be done to sustain and strengthen the effectiveness of the school’s dynamic teaching, learning and research capabilities, plus provide numerous, viable collaboration and funding opportunities to the Institute’s employees, students and alumni.

Additional Institutional Vision

Faculty/Staff: The Institute will consistently attempt to recruit, retain, and recognise through reward programs faculty and staff members that are exceptionally diverse and of high-quality.

Faculty/Staff: The Institute will – for its faculty, staff and students – reliably provide and maintain those physical facilities and facility-related services that are appropriate and necessary for the normal functioning of the school’s academic and vocational training programs.

Students: The Institute will regularly endeavour to recruit and retain through graduation a diverse student body drawn from a wide-range of domestic and international populations, and to systematically increase the enrolment and retention of such students on a yearly basis over the long-term.

Campus Cultural Environment: The Institute will consistently maintain a positive cultural environment within its campus(es) strongly supporting in as many ways as necessary the faculty, staff and students in achieving their respective professional goals. This constructive environment will also facilitate cooperative relations between the school, its employees, students and alumni, as well as local, regional, national and international communities.

Institutional Improvement:The Institute regularly assesses and evaluates in a systematic, objective and scheduled manner all of its organisational functions and academic and vocational training programs in order to ensure continuous institutional improvement and to achieve the most efficient use of its resources over time.

Our Values

The following set of complementary values will be fundamental to the Institute’s identity, providing the foundation for its practices and will be acknowledged by the school’s board, faculty, administrators, staff and students.

We Value Excellence Learning

Student learning and satisfaction will be measures of our success.

We Value The Free Exchange of Ideas

A respectful climate for open discourse will promote innovation, discovery and social responsibility

We Value Diversity & Inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness will enhance the quality of both learning and workplace environments.

We Value Openness & Flexibility

Reducing barriers to education will enhance access and social equity.

We Value Accountability

We will be accountable to our students, to each other and to the public.

About Us

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