Message From President

Welcome to NIMS, the brand new method and concept in USA to provide education world wide with a focus on your overall growth and enhancement.

International Centre For Advance Studies and Research started in 2015 having clear vison in our mind to accelerate and deliver quality education at different level from graduation to doctoral programs across globe. NIMS also provide you quality education that is accepted worldwide and it also enhances your personal and professional skills and also will develop new skills in different level of studies like business studies , information technology and other skills.

We believe in effective guidance, learning and teaching to provide our students high quality education and the environment where students can be practical and also apply hands on approaches to everything and make themselves an outstanding personality

As the President of the NIMS, I believe and suppose to enable everyone’s ultimate academic and professional success through a superior form of graduate higher education that does not waste precious assets of time and money.


Distinctive and noteworthy aspects of NIMS Education include:

  • The effective teaching and guidance to make student capable enough for everything they want to achieve in near future.
  • We also suppose to deliver the course curriculum with theory , practical and hands on approach. The combination is perfect so that everybody can sustain in this growing world.
  • Low student to faculty ratios – not exceeding 20-1 – allowing our faculty members to give every student under their care individual attention as well as mentoring.
  • Our not only focuses on our students as well as on our tutors,guides and other training faculty so that our students will get 100% success.

We want our student community to be worldwide. We encourage all of our students to share their respective cultural heritages, customs, and celebrations with others, and support everyone in forming on-campus cultural bonding communities.


S.B Singh

Managing Director, NIMS.

About Us

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