Impact after graduating after NIMS

School Managment-

According to some News and World Report, an average of 76% of the MBA graduate found employment inside three months of graduation.

Management Graduates-

Expected set of responsibilities: build up an organisation’s specialised organisational vision and regulate all parts of Policy improvement. They leads to the all around policy development of the group. They likewise administer innovative work and unique activities. They plan for and establish organisational standards and guarantee adherence to the norms.

Education: Many organisations prefer personnel who have a MBA with a specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and International Business management and administration.

Future trend: Steady employment development in the coming years. There’s an interest for individuals with a MBA with an attention on innovation

Median global pay:$193,000

Financial Manager-

Expected set of responsibilities:Organisations worldwide depend on the skills of financial managers. Financial managers direct the financial activities and transactions of organisations. They determine cash management and investment activities, create financial processes, and manage the budget process. Financial managers assist companies in meeting their financial objectives. Financial managers are also part of activities as extensive as raising capital, supervising mergers and acquisitions, and evaluating global financial transactions.

Education: People with a master’s degree such as an MBA with a concentration in finance will likely have the best prospects.

Future trend: Eight-percent employment growth from 2008 to 2018, which is about as fast as average for all occupations.

Median global pay: $115,000

Health Services Manager-

Expected set of responsibilities: The expanding and diversifying healthcare industry is in need of knowledgeable supervisors to ensure healthcare businesses run smoothly. Health services managers ensure organisations stick to government requirements regarding healthcare delivery. They oversee the practices of doctors, technicians, and clerical workers. In smaller organisations, they might oversee or co-manage an entire healthcare facility, whereas in large organisations they typically lead a department, such as patient care services or finance.

Education: A master’s degree is required for many positions. Some candidates acquire an MBA with a concentration in health services management. These degree programs provide a complete realisation of the country’s largest and fastest growing industry. People who already have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration should consider acquiring a complementary degree such as an MBA with a concentration in finance.

Future trend: Sixteen-percent employment growth from 2008 to 2018 for medical and health services managers, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Median global pay: $94,500

High-End Management Consultant-

Expected set of responsibilities: High-end management consultants provide the focused direction companies require to stay relevant and competitive. They typically specialise in a specific industry. They help companies and government agencies solve management problems, and they help companies control costs, maximise profits, increase worker productivity, and increase efficiency.

High-end management consultants help companies adjust to new business regulations or establish an online business. They provide advice to chief executive officers, chief operation officers, and chief financial officers and other top executives.

Future trend: A substantial 24 percent employment growth from 2008 to 2018.

Median global pay: Management analysts made $86,000, but the pay is significantly higher for high-end management consultants. According to , some management consultants earn an average of about $114,000 a year, while others with more experience earn an average of almost $143,000.

Information Technology (IT) Director-

Expected set of responsibilities: IT directors manage computing resources for organisations in just about every industry. They make sure a company’s information technology is always available and secure. IT directors are leaders responsible for the management, strategy, and execution of IT infrastructure for a company.

Education: Individuals with a MBA with a specialisation in information technology management have opportunities in this field.

Future trend: Employment growth is expected to be faster than average for all occupations in the coming years.

Median global pay: $106,000

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